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Our Mission

Newspaper is the mirror of a society. Global society in general and India in particular has been passing through an important phase. Nation is supreme to all of us beyond any affiliation. No nation can flourish without maintaining social harmony and protecting national security.

Qaumi Salamati; i.e. national security, is dedicated for a prosperous nation by maintaining harmony, social justice and self esteem. Urdu has been in the forefront in achieving independence from foreign powers and it has potential of maintaining freedom of thoughts. In a democratic system, we all are responsible for maintaining national esteem in the international arena as well.

Qaumi Salamati, the Urdu daily published from national capital New Delhi has been working hard for all round progress, prosperity and contributes in maintaining communal harmony, and protecting national security. We hope that all right minded people, having national interests at the top their priority list, will cooperate with us.

Printer, Publisher & Proprietor
Siraj Pracha
Chief Editor
Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi
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